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Jenn Hart

"I only see
good things

Cactus Pattern

Jenn Hart

Hi, I am Jennifer Hart

Thanks for stopping by my site. My professional work as a creative professional spans over a decade. I am passionate about design, illustration, writing and making that makes a difference for others. Creating is what I do–it is who I am, and I feel privileged to have had the joy of creating for and with some incredible people and brands. 

I am currently embarking on a new adventure as host of The Artist 10 Podcast. Please follow and listen on Spotify. I only see good things coming.

Explore my work and if you'd like to connect, please email me.

My Work

Hart House Creative
Picture Book Illustration Portfolio
Baxter The Dog Books
The Artist 10 Podcast
There's nothing bitter about these lemons!

The Squeeze is back with a fresh look, new authentic artist stories, and resources you'll want to get your mitts on.

We´re all works in progress.

Join host, Jenn Hart as she wanders creator spaces across the U.S. to meet artists, musicians, makers, and creatives of all kinds to hear their stories, find out what inspires them, and play a game of ten questions that usually falls off the rails in the most delightful way.

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