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  • Jennifer Hart

How to Request a Library of Congress Control Number

There's so much to learn as a self-publisher, isn't there? Something I learned recently was that self-publishers could request a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)? An LCCN is a number that libraries can use to catalog your book. It seems like a good idea, right?


To apply for a Preassigned Control Number (PCN) also known as (LCCN), you will need to create a new account in the system as either an author/self-publisher or as a publisher. Do this by going to

  1. Click on the link to the portal according to publisher type. Traditional Publisher / Author/Self Publisher

  2. Click on 'Create Account' to get started.

  3. New account approval will be immediate, and you will be able to apply for the Library of Congress Control Number or LCCN after you create the account.

  4. Creating the request is a breeze after that. Just follow the prompts. Please note, you will need all ISBN's for the different editions (i.e., paperback, hardback, ebook) you plan to release and your imprint before requesting an LCCN.


If you have any questions. You're on your own! Just kidding ;)

The information desk is hard to get a hold of, but once you do, they are very knowledgeable. Here's the general information number: (202) 707-5000


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