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Intentional Goaling

Happy New Year!

I'd like to share something that I do at the beginning of every year. It started a few years ago with a friend of mine, Tonia McIntosh (@moderndaymuse on IG). We do it as a way to set our intentions for the year. We call it a goal board. You can call it an inspiration board, idea panel, a dream poster, or anything else that "sparks joy" as Marie Kondo would say.

Sidebar, I love Marie Kondo. She's excellent.

Anyway, It isn't a resolution. Some things carry over into the next year. It's not about finishing it's about doing, doing the things that are important to you. For me, it helps to narrow my focus. What you put on it doesn't really matter. That's the beauty of it. One year my printer ran out of ink so most of the photos were a blue-green tint. The things that go on the board are just a visual reminder of the goals, the dreams, the places, the things that are in and on your mind for the year. You can print them, write them, cut them out of magazines, or draw them. It's up to you!

Does it seem silly? Cheesy? If it is, then pass me the cheese. Every single year I have done this I have accomplished more, made significant progress toward the goals and dreams I've outlined within it, and felt growth on a personal level. I won't say it's magic but it feels like it sometimes. I look forward to it now. It's an important part of my year's planning for my business, my writing, and my relationships.

I'll be finishing my 2020 board this week. I'll post it after it's done so you can see that it doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be honest. In the meantime, tell me what's on your board this year?

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