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  • Jennifer Hart

Save The Book Nooks

With one leg kicked up in an old brown leather chair, I can see the city buzzing with activity outside on the sidewalk. I can smell the coffee wafting from the first floor, and I can feel the warmth, like a familiar old friend, surrounding me in my cozy spot between the isles of shelved books. There is no place quite like a little bookstore on the corner, and they are now on the endangered list more than ever. As we navigate these strange times of social distancing and self-quarantine, I hope you all will join me in taking part in saving them. Let's preserve these quiet special moments stolen on busy vacations, after work, and on the weekends with family, once it is safe to do so again. Currently, with so much time spent indoors, we're looking for things to keep our minds and our hands busy. Books are the perfect solution for all ages. Instead of going straight to a big box store online, why not support one of the many independent bookstores that give a home to our beloved reading nooks? Many of them also sell online and are depending on our support. Plus, in addition to new releases, they often carry books you can't get other places. Bonus! Be sure to check out the staff picks section while browsing. It's almost always a win. Here are just a few of my favorite spots with an online store offering to ship, and in some locations, to curbside pick-up.


** Free shipping or curbside pick-up for orders over $20


**I just ordered Number One Chinese Restaurant: A Novel and Ping from their online store!




There are so many independent bookstores to choose from to support! If you have your heart set on ordering from one in your city, Great! Search INDIE BOUND to find one in your zip code.

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