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  • Jennifer Hart

Will You Make Friends With A "Little Monster?"

I'm thrilled to announce my second book is now available for preorder!

Baxter Meets His Monster

Baxter, The Dog, is no stranger to fantastic creatures. In his first adventure, "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land," he met a cast of colorful characters. However, on a dark, stormy night, he is surprised and unsure when something strange and wild shows up at his door. Will Baxter judge a creature by their size, their color, and by the shape of their paws, or will he learn that monsters aren't always monsters after all?

Make sure to check out all the new fun stuff available on while you're exploring the shop. I've added free puzzles, more creative notebooks to write your own stories in, 8x10 prints, new short stories, upcoming events, and you can get a free illustration of your dog or cat for joining Baxter's Pack!

Thank you for being part of my adventure! I hope you enjoy reading Baxter The Dog's new book as much as I enjoyed writing and illustrating it.


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