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Hart House Creative is a boutique design studio founded by Jennifer Hart. We specialize in fresh affecting design and clever campaign concepts. Our work is grounded in a brand-minded approach to marketing. By laying a strong cohesive foundation for new brands and using visual strategy to evolve and elevate existing brands we help companies build credibility with their audience. Hart House Creative leverages its professional network of collaborators and 15-years of industry experience to offer a range of tailored solutions for companies looking for flexible, personalized, and outstanding design work. 

You've heard of right-brained. Well, Hart believes you have to be right-hearted. It takes more than creativity. In this house, it's about having heart. Heart is passion. Passion drives creativity and creativity fuels concept-driven solutions. 

I've got so much more to share with you. Explore more of my projects and read testimonials by my clients.Click the button below.

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