UnlockedIN Project

Women have faced many personal challenges during the pandemic. We are seeking stories about your growth, grace, and personal discovery. Join us for our UnlockIN Project to showcase the many ways women have found strength and freedom while facing the rigors of being “locked in.” How did time away from normalcy change you for the better?  


Please share your stories and insights for this upcoming collection. Looking forward to chatting.

Julie Garel and Jenn Hart

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November 4, 2020

Cultivate a
deeper love
for each other


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By sharing stories of struggle, moments of triumph, and our hard won revelations over the past year we dutifully uncover the truth that as women, mothers, friends, and leaders in our communities we have the ability to empower positive change, inspire incredible new invention, and cultivate a deeper love for each other.

Julie Garel

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Jenn Hart

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