A bit about my story so far, thank you for being part of it. ♥


My passion is to create, learn, and share with others. Every moment has the potential to become significant. A decision I made in a seemingly insignificant moment changed the course of my entire life. In 2017, I left my job, started my own business, published my first book, sold my home, and became a single lady again. It was quite a year. So, which decision was THE ONE that changed it all?


None of them. 


The decision that changed it all came about six months before any of the would-be life changes had presented themselves. This decision had nothing to do with the person I was with or my family back at home. My job was not a factor. Time and money had no say. On the way back from one of my real adventures, I wrote a mostly made-up one about my dog, Baxter, on the reverse side of my plane ticket. You could say – doodling changed my life. On the surface, it was a simple act that I did to kill some time on a ten-hour flight. The fire stoked. I stepped off the plane and hitched a ride home. All my childhood dreams of being an author and illustrator came rushing back to me. I spent six months feverishly working on what would become Baxter Goes to Imagination Land, my first published work. My childhood aspiration realized. I did it, clumsily, but I did it. And, with it came so much happiness, growth, and the beginning of a lot of change. 


Getting pushed off of a metaphorical cliff and taking a leap of faith are BOTH SCARY and can create a mess. No doubt. There is no way to know if sharp rocks or a pile of marshmallows will be waiting at the bottom. If your adventure turns out anything like mine, so far, it will take you to places you didn't expect to be. For me, I couldn't be happier. Here's hoping you enjoy the ride and appreciate all those little not-so-insignificant moments that lead to the "big ones."


My fingers are crossed for you. I hope you get the marshmallows.  

Safe travels.

Jennifer Hart



"Do something you are afraid of every day."

- Eleanor Roosevelt


"Smile because it happened."

- Dr. Seuss


I wrote the first draft of "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" during a 10-hour flight on the back of my plane ticket.


On a train ride or long flight. Preferably travelling to or from a new place.


I am a storyteller. I am an author and illustrator of picture books and short stories for all ages. As a brand developer, I help others tell their stories through graphic design and company branding.



Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

- Wine with dessert
- Visiting new places
- Dogs & music (or dogs playing music - better but unlikely)


In January 2016, a few weeks after hart's 30th birthday, she pinned a picture to a board in my office that said, "Fin." It was a visual reminder that 2016 would be the year she finished her first book. The final draft was complete in December 2016. The last page of the book includes one of the characters holding a sign that says "Fin." It's a gift to the author herself. Also, it's a continued reminder that thoughts become things, but ideas need a place to grow. They can't blossom in your head. Pull them out and put them into the world.


A kid in one of my readings once asked if I'd ever failed. My first fail and not my last was when I was ten. A friend and I attempted to start a babysitting business (too many Babysitter's Club books). The company was promptly closed before we took our first client when Mom discovered a very lengthy release of liability form that we had drafted ourselves. We knew the value of getting it in writing at a young age – ha!



"Can be described in one word – enchanting!" – READER’S FAVORITE

”Wonderful children's book with absolutely incredible illustrations!" – GOODREADS READER

"Such a cute and inspiring children's book! I am so excited to share it with my nieces." – AMAZON READER

“Hart takes the imagination’s wandering to delightfully absurd ends.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS
“loved it... made me read it twice.” – GOODREADS READER

“Silliness is key…sure to have readers giggling.”– KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Hart is an author to pay attention to as she grows her Baxter the Dog series.”– S. HINRICHS, BOOK REVIEWER & BLOGGER

“This book gets five stars.”– C. JONES, PICTURE BOOK AUTHOR & GOODREADS READER

“Talented author…" – K. HEWITT, BOOK REVIEWER

“…the story kept them engaged from start to finish!” – GOODREADS READER

“…a nighttime (and anytime) staple in our book rotation.” – AMAZON READER 



2020, Featured in Las Vegas Baby Magazine

2019-2022, Nevada Art Council's Artist's Roster

2019, Featured at Henderson Libraries Indie Author Showcase

2018, Executive Board of Coffee House Tours

2018, Guest on Aspects of Writing 

2018, Guest on Writer's In Training

2018, Featured on MORE FOX 5

2018, Featured on Good Morning Las Vegas

2018, Featured in Las Vegas Baby Magazine

2018, Guest on Geeks Are Sexy Podcast

2018, Featured at Henderson Libraries Indie Author Showcase

2017, Featured on MORE FOX 5

2017, Featured in Vegas Seven Online

2016, Featured in National Geographic 

2009 - 2017, AAF and NPA Award Winner


2017, 5 Star Reader's Favorite

2017, 1 Silver Addy, 2 Bronze Addy’s

2016, Designs featured in National Geographic

2014, 1 Gold, 1 Silver Addy

2013, 1 Gold Addy, 3 Silver Addy’s

2012, 1 Gold Addy, 1 Silver Addy

2011, 2-1st Place NPA

2010, 1-2nd Place NPA, 1-3rd Place NPA

2009, 1-1st Place NPA, 2 Bronze Addy’s

2008, 1-3rd Place CEA


Coffee House Tours, Author Community

Book For A Book, Book Drive

Noah’s Animal House, Event Fundraiser

Three Square Food Bank, Volunteer

Community In Schools, Volunteer
Speaker at SAGG/UNLV
Speaker at Career Expo for DPDC
Junior Achievements - Guest Teacher 
PAC Committee at AILV 




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